Chemo tomorrow :-(

Wow, today is the first day since school began that I haven’t had a single appointment, pressing concern (we had a yard sale Saturday, and yes we are gluttons for punishment), school commitment or speaking engagement.  Whew!  Too bad tomorrow is chemo time again,  blech!  Today I need to get some things done (always a bit of a mad, pre-treatment rush to accomplish before I get way behind again) but I’m tired, not really motivated, kinda in a semi-stupor (some might argue my permanent state these days) and trying to rest my right leg which is swollen from cancerous nodes (grrrr-for breast cancer this disease has managed to effect just about every part of my body in some way, death from a thousand cuts and all that).  I’m not sleeping well at all, no position comfortable for long, too many active cancerous areas that flat out hurt, despite pain meds.  And my dreams, they continue to hound me, they’re the usual variations of the same- the expectation that I must continue to perform some impossible task while a clocks counts down in the background,     there’s no hiding from my sub-conscious, though most nights I pray there is.  So today maybe  I’ll manage to check some boxes off my list, but we’ll have to wait and see how the day plays out.

But all the whining aside, last week was really quite good.  The boys finally both went to school for almost a full week (not LD Monday), and we started our 1st fall sport too- swim team for Rocco.  I was the lunchroom helper for both boys classes which was precious and informative. It was good to see the boys interacting with their classmates and put names to all the little faces.  I also had the opportunity to share our cancer story, the mission of the GJG Foundation and of GJG’s commitment to the folks at Consolidated Planning and McGladrey, both companies supporters of GoJenGo, Komen and have corporate commitments to serving our community.   And, Luca lost his first tooth yesterday, milestone!  Last night he went to bed pondering how much the tooth fairy would give him for it, “it’s really small, but it is my first one” .  He made $4.  Rocco, the stinker, tried to spoil the affair by looking me dead in the eye and saying that daddy and I were the real fairies.  I’m not sure if I should worry that my gaze never waivered when I fired right back that that would be ridiculous and what would parents possibly do all those teeth?  He said they would bury them in their back yards, hope he’s not a mobster in the making.  He’s already got a great name for it…

Yikes, I’m going on and on, sorry!  Race for the Cure is less than a month away!  Please join Team GoJenGo and support Komen. They fund life saving early detection and education programs and support breast cancer research.

OMG, I almost forgot, “how bout them Dawgs”?!?!    Jen

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