An update

An update on Jen and the Pagani family:

Jen and Joe met with Gary yesterday.  Biopsy results showed that cancer had metastasized in her lungs and explained the breathing difficulties she was having.  Gary recommended they continue to aggressively pursue quality and quantity of life, but thought that Hospice & Palliative Care, Charlotte Region would be best qualified to provide that care and monitor her closely.  Jen and Joe agreed and are comfortable and at peace with that decision.  Hospice is setting up a team that will provide them so many levels of support.

This certainly marks a new stage in Jen’s journey but one she is meeting head on with determination, confidence and grace…much like she has every step of the way.   She will share her thoughts and feelings with you….again, as she has every step of the way… but needs some time to rest and get her house and her family organized after this very busy week.  She asks for a couple of things:

This is as much a journey for the Pagani/Burnett family as it is for her.  Please be respectful of their need for quiet as they adjust.  Jen will be available for calls and visits soon and she will let you know when that is.  For now, be patient.

Please be careful when communicating this news.  As adults, we understand its implications, but young ears and mouths are not so understanding or delicate.  Jen’s concern is that Luca and Rocco get information too soon and aren’t able to understand the situation in a time and manner Joe and Jen deem best.  Please help protect that process as you speak to your own children and in any interaction you have with Luca and Rocco.

Finally, Jen is well.  Her health is not ideal, but her head and her heart are safe.  She is quick to smile, quick to laugh, and quick to love.   She is, as always, a blessing to us all.



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