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Jen knows that you all – the GoJenGo faithful – would want an update and asked we post for her.

First and foremost, the meals, the cards, the letters, the playdates, the love, and the support are lifting Jen up, lifting the family up, and sustaining everyone through what is a bittersweet and difficult stage of their lives. It would be one thing to see this type of support and generosity for the first time, but your kindness has followed Jen through years and the grandness of scale never fails to surprise and humble.

Jen is comfortable. Hospice has offered exceptional care and has addressed and controlled symptoms. She does rest a lot, but when she is awake, she is still feisty, funny, available, and loving. She is Jen. She is spending as much time and energy as possible on the boys, Joe, and grandparents. She is so grateful for the privacy to do that.

The family is hearing from so many people who have stories about Jen – funny stories or stories about the impact she has had on their lives. Joe treasures those and recognizes that those are the messages he wants to pass down to the boys as they grow older. If you have the desire, feel free to write those stories down and send them to Joe. He wants them to know Jen, not only from family stories, but from yours.

We will continue to post updates. Thank you for your love and prayers.

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