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So here we are, just two weeks away from the RunJenRun 5K.  And there’s something you should know: we want (no, we need!) to see those registration numbers SOAR!  We want to see numbers that would delight Jen to no end!  So we’re going to bribe you.  Just a little.

For the 1,000th person who registers for the RunJenRun 5K, we are going to give you a little treat.  A prize pack, if you will.  If you are lucky number 1000, you will receive a Go Jen Go t-shirt, a Go Jen Go hat, and both of those items will come in a handy Go Jen Go tote.  (It’s perfect to use it at the grocery store or farmer’s market.)

Now, if you’re reading this post, you are well-acquainted with Jen, her story, and the mission of Go Jen Go.  In fact, you are most likely already registered for the race (and you have no idea how much we appreciate that!)  So we’re asking you, our loyal followers, to spread the word.  Tell everyone you know to register and make the competition for that prize pack FIERCE!  You have the power to get those numbers up to 1,000 and beyond.  And we believe in you!

As of the time of this post, we are at 960 registrations.  That means there are only 40 to go until the magic 1,000 number.  If you haven’t signed up for the RunJenRun 5K yet, maybe you’ll be the lucky one.  And even if you sign up and just miss the number, we’ll still be glad to have you on our list of participants.  And you can be happy knowing that you’re a part of a huge number that would delight Jen.  Because we’ll get there.  With your help!  Right?!


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