Do you Razoo?

So have you heard of Razoo?  It’s a free (No set up fees!  No monthly fees!) online fundraising site that allows you to create a fundraiser for an organization or an individual.  We’ll pause here and let you make the connection about why we’re mentioning this particular website. . . .

In all seriousness, Razoo is a pretty neat concept.  You can search for a non-profit organization that you particularly support and then you can create your own page to generate funds for that organization.  So, for example, Go Jen Go has a page where you can donate directly to the organization but there are also 11 other “fundraisers” associated with Go Jen Go, created by supporters, that take donations for Go Jen Go as well.  And many of these are associated with the RunJenRun 5K on March 1.  What’s great about this concept is that not only are you generating funds for a worthy organization, but you’re also educating your friends and family about a cause you’re passionate about.  By creating a Razoo page for an organization, you are essentially making yourself an “ambassador” for them.  And what organization doesn’t need more of those?

Would you like to be an ambassador for Jen?  We welcome you to create a page on behalf of the Go Jen Go Foundation or the RunJenRun 5K.  Any effort you make in Razoo will only serve to further support our mission of caring for breast cancer victims (and their families) who are struggling financially.

We wish that we could offer you ambassadors of Go Jen Go something cool, like a sceptor or a cape.  But we don’t have any of those.  So you’ll just have to accept our sincere appreciation.  It’s not a cape, but it’s heartfelt and warm and you can wrap yourself up in it.  So that kind of counts, right?

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