Spotlight on Carolina Volkswagen

We can’t say enough good things about Carolina Volkswagen.  They’ve been a wonderful supporter of the Go Jen Go Foundation, and this year they opted to be the expo sponor for the RunJenRun 5K.  What does that mean?  It means that they’ll be bringing out a few cars to the race for all of you to check out.  And we’ve also heard a rumor of a few little giveaways. . . .

Another cool thing Carolina Volkswagen is doing?  (Maybe you’ve heard their recent radio commercials?)  Tomorrow, they’re having “Smart Shopper Saturday” from 11am until 4pm.  And guess what all the employees will be wearing?  Pink tye-dyed RunJenRun 5K shirts!  Their support for Jen and her mission will be front and center all day long.  So if you stop by or drive by, make sure to give a little wave to someone in a pink shirt.  It’s a way to show your support of their support!

Thank you, Carolina Volkswagen.  There really is “a lot to like” about your organization!



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