More sponsors to love!

The Go Jen Go Foundation has been very blessed to have such generous sponsors.  You’ve already heard about a few.  But we’d like to introduce you to a couple more:

First off, meet the sponsor for our amazing Kids Zone: Sports Connection.  Because of the sponsorship of Sports Connection, the kids who come out to RunJenRun are going to be wild with excitement.  Bouncy houses, face painting, balloons, mascots, and more.  Just like our race, Sports Connection offers fun for the whole family — birthday parties, summer camps, games, attractions, sports leagues, group outings and many other adult and youth activities.  Operating in the Charlotte area for the past 17 years, they have three locations (two in south Charlotte and 1 in north Charlotte).  If your kids cry when it’s time to leave the RunJenRun 5K, you can blame Sports Connection!

One of those very fun activities that your kids will participate in is the one mile fun run, which would not be possible without another important sponsor: McGladrey.  McGladrey is the 5th largest accounting and consulting firm in the US with a focus on the middle market.  And their huge heart matches their significant footprint.  Here’s what their local Charlotte office had to say, “Over the past few years, our team at McGladrey has been compelled by Jen’s story and her personal dedication, hope, and spirit.  Much like Jen rallied the community to support a cause and others impacted by breast cancer, we at McGladrey have rallied behind the event and organization in hopes that we too can contribute to making a difference in our community.”

To both Sports Connection and McGladrey, we can’t thank you enough for helping make the RunJenRun 5K a huge success!

Spotlight on Carolina Volkswagen

We can’t say enough good things about Carolina Volkswagen.  They’ve been a wonderful supporter of the Go Jen Go Foundation, and this year they opted to be the expo sponor for the RunJenRun 5K.  What does that mean?  It means that they’ll be bringing out a few cars to the race for all of you to check out.  And we’ve also heard a rumor of a few little giveaways. . . .

Another cool thing Carolina Volkswagen is doing?  (Maybe you’ve heard their recent radio commercials?)  Tomorrow, they’re having “Smart Shopper Saturday” from 11am until 4pm.  And guess what all the employees will be wearing?  Pink tye-dyed RunJenRun 5K shirts!  Their support for Jen and her mission will be front and center all day long.  So if you stop by or drive by, make sure to give a little wave to someone in a pink shirt.  It’s a way to show your support of their support!

Thank you, Carolina Volkswagen.  There really is “a lot to like” about your organization!



Do you Razoo?

So have you heard of Razoo?  It’s a free (No set up fees!  No monthly fees!) online fundraising site that allows you to create a fundraiser for an organization or an individual.  We’ll pause here and let you make the connection about why we’re mentioning this particular website. . . .

In all seriousness, Razoo is a pretty neat concept.  You can search for a non-profit organization that you particularly support and then you can create your own page to generate funds for that organization.  So, for example, Go Jen Go has a page where you can donate directly to the organization but there are also 11 other “fundraisers” associated with Go Jen Go, created by supporters, that take donations for Go Jen Go as well.  And many of these are associated with the RunJenRun 5K on March 1.  What’s great about this concept is that not only are you generating funds for a worthy organization, but you’re also educating your friends and family about a cause you’re passionate about.  By creating a Razoo page for an organization, you are essentially making yourself an “ambassador” for them.  And what organization doesn’t need more of those?

Would you like to be an ambassador for Jen?  We welcome you to create a page on behalf of the Go Jen Go Foundation or the RunJenRun 5K.  Any effort you make in Razoo will only serve to further support our mission of caring for breast cancer victims (and their families) who are struggling financially.

We wish that we could offer you ambassadors of Go Jen Go something cool, like a sceptor or a cape.  But we don’t have any of those.  So you’ll just have to accept our sincere appreciation.  It’s not a cape, but it’s heartfelt and warm and you can wrap yourself up in it.  So that kind of counts, right?

Spotlight on Consolidated Planning

We’ve been planning the RunJenRun 5K for months now and it’s been a ton of (fun!) work.  It takes a great team — a truly dedicated team — to pull off a successful event because there are so many intricate pieces.  But we realize that without our incredibly generous sponsors, we wouldn’t have an event to plan.  So over the next couple of weeks, we are going to highlight some of the wonderful organizations that have chosen to support Jen’s legacy by sponsoring the race that was her dream.

First up, our presenting sponsor — Consolidated Planning, Inc.

Consolidated Planning has been offering financial planning to clients in the Charlotte area for 33 years.  Relying solely on word of mouth referrals, they now support over 18,000 clients.  From the very beginning, Consolidated Planning was structured to provide a comprehensive plan for their clients, offering a high level of ongoing client service, and making sure their clients’ plans remained up to date with the changes that naturally occur throughout a lifetime.  Their services include insurance planning, investment planning, retirement distribution planning, education planning, estate planning, and business planning.

The organization is also very focused on the health of their community, which is why they have chosen to support the RunJenRun 5K.  Consolidated Planning believes in the mission of the Go Jen Go Foundation and is very pleased to be the presenting sponsor.  And we are thrilled to have them on board!

Thank you, Consolidated Planning!!



Let’s make it interesting

So here we are, just two weeks away from the RunJenRun 5K.  And there’s something you should know: we want (no, we need!) to see those registration numbers SOAR!  We want to see numbers that would delight Jen to no end!  So we’re going to bribe you.  Just a little.

For the 1,000th person who registers for the RunJenRun 5K, we are going to give you a little treat.  A prize pack, if you will.  If you are lucky number 1000, you will receive a Go Jen Go t-shirt, a Go Jen Go hat, and both of those items will come in a handy Go Jen Go tote.  (It’s perfect to use it at the grocery store or farmer’s market.)

Now, if you’re reading this post, you are well-acquainted with Jen, her story, and the mission of Go Jen Go.  In fact, you are most likely already registered for the race (and you have no idea how much we appreciate that!)  So we’re asking you, our loyal followers, to spread the word.  Tell everyone you know to register and make the competition for that prize pack FIERCE!  You have the power to get those numbers up to 1,000 and beyond.  And we believe in you!

As of the time of this post, we are at 960 registrations.  That means there are only 40 to go until the magic 1,000 number.  If you haven’t signed up for the RunJenRun 5K yet, maybe you’ll be the lucky one.  And even if you sign up and just miss the number, we’ll still be glad to have you on our list of participants.  And you can be happy knowing that you’re a part of a huge number that would delight Jen.  Because we’ll get there.  With your help!  Right?!


We really need you

This “alter call” is for all of you who want to help, but don’t know what you can do.  For some reason, you can’t run or walk a 5K.  But you have energy and committment and a love for Jen and her outstanding cause.  Well then, that’s easy.  You can volunteer to help out on March 1.  Because we need you.  Really.

The RunJenRun 5K is less than a month away and there is still a ton to do.  We need course monitors, folks at the water stop, help with registration on the day of the event, set up on race day, clean up after the race, and other things that we probably haven’t even thought of yet.

So are you a high school student who could use some community service credits?  Volunteer.  Are you a runner who is currently injured and it’s killing you that you won’t be out there on the course?  Volunteer.  Have you had a personal experience with someone who’s had breast cancer and you realize how fantastic the Go Jen Go Foundation is?  Volunteer.  Do you want to enjoy a great day and experience the comraderie of other fun people? Volunteer.

You can sign up to volunteer on the RunJenRun website here:

Did we mention that we need you?  We really, really do.

Live Streaming of service

We find ourselves on the eve of our celebration of Jen marveling at the outpouring of support and love from near and far. We realize there will be people who want to take part in tomorrow’s service but may not be able to be there in person.  Christ Lutheran Church has been an amazing partner in this celebration and have offered live streaming of the service.  If you are unable to make it tomorrow at 2pm, you may log on to and click on Worship online.

We look forward celebrating Jen with you.

Pink in the Rink is tonight!

Make sure you don’t forget about Pink in the Rink this evening at Time Warner Cable arena at 7:30pm!  We promise that it will be an unforgettable night.

Tonight’s game will honor our beloved Jen in so many ways.  There will be special recognition moments before the game and during the first intermission.  (And don’t be late because rumor has it the Pagani boys will be making a grand public appearance at 7:30 sharp!)  And you’ll pull extra hard for the Checkers tonight because they’ll be wearing jerseys (featuring highlights of pink) with the GoJenGo logo prominently displayed.  Seriously, as a GoJenGo supporter, you DON’T want to miss out!

And since you’ll be on your way to the game, be sure to tape the WSOC Eyewitness News at 6pm.  The broadcast will highlight Jen and include interviews from close friends.  If you miss it at 6pm, make sure to catch it again at 11pm.

We’ll see you tonight.  Go Checkers!  And GoJenGo!!

You can walk for Jen too

We are so appreciative of the outpouring of support we’ve received since February 2.  We truly can’t thank you enough.  So many of you have asked what you can do to help Jen’s family and we have an answer, one that we know would come straight out of Jen’s mouth.  Come out to the RunJenRun 5K on March 1!

Are you worried that you can’t run 3 miles?  No worries!  In your head, just think of it as the WalkJenWalk 5Kl!  We want people out there running, walking, skipping, sauntering, pogo sticking. . . . well, maybe not pogo sticking, but you get our point. We welcome you to join us by doing whatever activity makes you the most comfortable. There will be just as many folks out walking and doing run / walk combos as there will be people running all out. So don’t let your mind start telling you that you’re going to be the last one out on the course!

The point is to honor the memory of an influential and outstanding woman who let us into her life and allowed us to join her on her difficult journey. Jen’s open and honest blog changed the way many of us understood the fight against breast cancer. And through her own funny, raw, and feisty words, she let us know how happy it made her to help the many families financially devastated by medical bills and treatments.  By coming out to Symphony Park on March 1, you are personally furthering Jen’s dream.

So please join us.  But maybe leave the pogo stick at home.

Online Memorial


Online memorial:

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