Do it for Jen

One year ago today, we lost Jennifer Burnette Pagani.  We lost a loyal wife, a loving mother, a devoted daughter, an amazing friend.  But amid the sadness and the raw emotions of grief that day, we gained something too; something important and very real.  We gained access to Jen’s legacy.  And in that way, we found hope.

Jen was extraordinarily changed by the outpouring of support she received through diagnosis, treatment, and hospice care. She was touched by the love she received from friends, loved ones, and even perfect strangers.  It was why she created the GoJenGo Foundation; she wanted to honor those never-ending acts of kindness in a way that would help others in her same position.

And she did.  To date since its inception, GoJenGo has offered emotional and financial support to countless breast cancer victims in North and South Carolina.  Jen’s pure will to make the organization grow and thrive was outmatched only by the strength of her passion to make a difference in her community.  Watch the video created last year to get a sense of what this organization meant to her.

Now it’s your turn to make a difference.  If you want to do something today to honor the memory of Jen Pagani, we offer this simple suggestion: sign up for her race.  Having a 5K was a dream come true for Jen.  It combined her love of competition with her desire to help others.  It’s the biggest fundraiser the GoJenGo Foundation has each year and it remains one of Jen’s proudest accomplishments.  This. Is. Her. Legacy.  This is how she chose to give back, to say thank you for the overwhelming love and grace that surprised, awed her, and profoundly touched her soul.

Let’s honor Jen and her legacy by supporting her mission.  A year ago today, the only thing we could cling to was the hope that we would continue her work and make her proud.  Let’s all make Jen proud today.  Sign up for the Go Jen Go 5K today. Do it for Jen.

The Run Jen Run 5k takes place at Symphony Park in Charlotte on March 7.  It’s a fun, fast course with tons of activities for the entire family afterward.  Visit for more information.  

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