First Blog Post on the GJG site!!!

Peeps sorry for the delay in posting!!  Meant to get the 411 on how to post directly to my website, right now I go through an administrator, but didn’t happen.  Good intentions and all that…
My appointment last week with Gary was in a nutshell, not good news, but not dire either (which was good because Luca came along for the appointment- he did not want to but the nurses spoiled him rotten!).  Basically I got my wish, stay the course, manage the discomfort with some meds.  The spread is of an acceptable sort (acceptable because we have no untried options) so we keep on truckin’.  As for the the new masses on my back and any new superficial masses that might crop up (i.e.-not on my vital organs), I will see Dr Fraser, my radiation guy, to decide when we want to hit those suckers with some electrons (the EZ radiation variety).  6th time’s a charm!
Luca was so excited the night before his first day of school (Wednesday, the KG’s do a staggered start the first week) he could hardly sleep.  He got on the bus like a champ (nary a backward glance but I did get a wave through the window) and apparently loves riding it.  He had a great day even though it was mainly orientation type stuff.  He couldn’t wait for day two.  He totally loves it!  What a fabulous gift for us all!
I wondered a bit if I might have a melt down after kicking birdie number two outta the nest and onto the bus, like one of my dear friends did, but I did okay though I did keep waiting for the emotional damn to burst.  It came out a bit later as a mix of elation and intense sorrow and manifested itself as a short temper (nothing new for the familia Pagani I assure you) around the house.  I didn’t really have time for it anyway, I had way too much s*** to do, like a summer’s worth of backlog, the mom’s out there know what I mean.
Our website,, is underway.  It is taking some time to get it right but it’ll pay off.  My blogs will be posted at here at the website from now on.  Thank you for following me, both my cancer journey and my transition from CB!
Komen is on Saturday, October 5th and is coming up fast!  Please join up on Team GoJenGo and tell your friends, neighbor, co-workers, random peeps to sign up too!  The GoJenGo Foundation, and the financial assistance and help it provides to our local, in-need, breast cancer community, evolved out of our very first Komen team!  Team GoJenGo will have some kick butt tees this year, great colors, and will have another fun, tee shirt pick up party at the Keogh’s house/backyard entertainment heaven.  This year we are gonna do it on Friday, September the 27th, a week before the race, rather than the night before.  This will be less taxing on moi and hopefully allow me to actually have a cocktail or two, rather than stumbling (literally, last year I had to have two friends help get me back across the street) home exhausted and stone cold sober.
Just click on the link below to join Team GoJenGo:
Thanks!  Jen
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