You can walk for Jen too

We are so appreciative of the outpouring of support we’ve received since February 2.  We truly can’t thank you enough.  So many of you have asked what you can do to help Jen’s family and we have an answer, one that we know would come straight out of Jen’s mouth.  Come out to the RunJenRun 5K on March 1!

Are you worried that you can’t run 3 miles?  No worries!  In your head, just think of it as the WalkJenWalk 5Kl!  We want people out there running, walking, skipping, sauntering, pogo sticking. . . . well, maybe not pogo sticking, but you get our point. We welcome you to join us by doing whatever activity makes you the most comfortable. There will be just as many folks out walking and doing run / walk combos as there will be people running all out. So don’t let your mind start telling you that you’re going to be the last one out on the course!

The point is to honor the memory of an influential and outstanding woman who let us into her life and allowed us to join her on her difficult journey. Jen’s open and honest blog changed the way many of us understood the fight against breast cancer. And through her own funny, raw, and feisty words, she let us know how happy it made her to help the many families financially devastated by medical bills and treatments.  By coming out to Symphony Park on March 1, you are personally furthering Jen’s dream.

So please join us.  But maybe leave the pogo stick at home.

Online Memorial


Online memorial:

Celebration of Life and Online Memorial

Thank you for your patience while waiting on the information for the celebration of Jen’s amazing life.  We will hold Jen’s service on February 9, 2014 at 2:00 pm at Christ Lutheran Church at 4545 Providence Road in Charlotte, NC. Her obituary is posted below.


At 1:29am this morning, our most precious Jen left us.   She is free.  No longer encumbered by pain, fear, or disease, Jen is flying on the wings of eagles amongst the lands and places she loves.   We have no doubt she will circle back through our hearts and minds and share the peace she has found.

Many hearts will break upon hearing this news, but none more than Joe, the boys, and the family.  There will be a celebration of her life, but for now, please give the family time and space to grieve and prepare that celebration. They will reach out if they need anything more, but they can certainly use your thoughts and prayers.

Godspeed, Jen. Our hearts are heavy at your passing but joyous at your freedom.

The latest

Jen knows that you all – the GoJenGo faithful – would want an update and asked we post for her.

First and foremost, the meals, the cards, the letters, the playdates, the love, and the support are lifting Jen up, lifting the family up, and sustaining everyone through what is a bittersweet and difficult stage of their lives. It would be one thing to see this type of support and generosity for the first time, but your kindness has followed Jen through years and the grandness of scale never fails to surprise and humble.

Jen is comfortable. Hospice has offered exceptional care and has addressed and controlled symptoms. She does rest a lot, but when she is awake, she is still feisty, funny, available, and loving. She is Jen. She is spending as much time and energy as possible on the boys, Joe, and grandparents. She is so grateful for the privacy to do that.

The family is hearing from so many people who have stories about Jen – funny stories or stories about the impact she has had on their lives. Joe treasures those and recognizes that those are the messages he wants to pass down to the boys as they grow older. If you have the desire, feel free to write those stories down and send them to Joe. He wants them to know Jen, not only from family stories, but from yours.

We will continue to post updates. Thank you for your love and prayers.


Check out the blog today on Smarty Pants!  Thanks, Andrea, for such a great piece on Jen and the RunJenRun5k walk/run!

Click HERE to read.

Click HERE to run!


A Legacy

This year, the Checkers are again honoring Jen and the GoJenGo Foundation at the annual Pink in the Rink event on February 7th.  As they planned their tribute to Jen late last year, they took an opportunity to film her speaking about her commitment to the things that matter most in her life – her family and The GoJenGo Foundation. It is profound and moving.

Then buy tickets to Pink in the Rink.  Enter promo code GJG when purchasing.  And after that, register to walk or run in the RunJenRun 5k.  Do it today.

We want to honor her commitment to women’s issues.

We want to show her how proud we are of the fighter she is.

We want to show Jen how much we respect her Legacy.

We want her to know we hear her words.





An update

An update on Jen and the Pagani family:

Jen and Joe met with Gary yesterday.  Biopsy results showed that cancer had metastasized in her lungs and explained the breathing difficulties she was having.  Gary recommended they continue to aggressively pursue quality and quantity of life, but thought that Hospice & Palliative Care, Charlotte Region would be best qualified to provide that care and monitor her closely.  Jen and Joe agreed and are comfortable and at peace with that decision.  Hospice is setting up a team that will provide them so many levels of support.

This certainly marks a new stage in Jen’s journey but one she is meeting head on with determination, confidence and grace…much like she has every step of the way.   She will share her thoughts and feelings with you….again, as she has every step of the way… but needs some time to rest and get her house and her family organized after this very busy week.  She asks for a couple of things:

This is as much a journey for the Pagani/Burnett family as it is for her.  Please be respectful of their need for quiet as they adjust.  Jen will be available for calls and visits soon and she will let you know when that is.  For now, be patient.

Please be careful when communicating this news.  As adults, we understand its implications, but young ears and mouths are not so understanding or delicate.  Jen’s concern is that Luca and Rocco get information too soon and aren’t able to understand the situation in a time and manner Joe and Jen deem best.  Please help protect that process as you speak to your own children and in any interaction you have with Luca and Rocco.

Finally, Jen is well.  Her health is not ideal, but her head and her heart are safe.  She is quick to smile, quick to laugh, and quick to love.   She is, as always, a blessing to us all.



Thanks for caring!

As many of you know, Jen has been dealing with several health issues that are new and fairly serious.  And you have responded in spades.  As a group, the GoJenGo fans, supporters, and friends are the most loving of people and Jen wanted me to let you all know she is hearing your words, reading your emails and texts and is immensely grateful for the love and support.  She appreciates every gift, every meal, every playdate!  Right now, however, her energy is low, and she asked that you be patient with her communications.  Further, while she would like to visit with every single person on this long, extensive list of friends and family, she needs to save energy for the boys and for Joe. Drop in visits, for now, are too tiring.

Might we suggest you show your support in other ways?  Write Jen a letter.  Support those who support us – buy tickets to Laugh for the Cure this weekend (Saturday) or Pink in the Rink (Feb. 7th).  Hug a friend.  Sign up for her favorite event of the year, the RunJenRun 5k walk/run (  She is so honored you care!

Thanks for the meals, cards, flowers and gifts.

I’ve been out of pocket so please accept a belated thanks for the meals, cards, flowers and gifts.  They continue to uplift and inspire.
My health has tanked of late- inability to breathe, be mobile, pain levels, nausea… At times I can’t get up out of my chair by myself, turn onto my side in bed, get to the bathroom alone… If I am up for than a minute or so at a time I am wracked with pain and completely gasping for O2.  Thursday my inability to get air became life threatening and we went to CMC via ambulance.  Breathing is still an ongoing, huge concern- both from fluid in the cavity around my right lung and the diffuse fluid and thickening airways inside both lungs.  The emergency problem (a different one due to upper airway closing) is now gone.  The docs do not know exactly what caused it.
Tomorrow early I go back to the hospital for a lung biopsy. They tried to do this Friday but couldn’t d/t probs on their end.  We will know in a few days if the dramatic differences in my lungs are due to rapid spread.  We are kinda in wait and see mode.
Please say some prayers for good test results and most importantly easier breathing, pain relief, mobility and, well, not feeling terrible most of them time.  I want more decent quality of life time, not more of what I have currently.
We’ll keep you posted.  Thanks.  Jen
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