Merry Merry!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Operation Spread the Joy was a huge success! Despite being in the throes of chemo, and well, not really being (or looking- but that ship sailed a while ago!) my best, I was able to go to the wrapping party for a bit last Thursday to witness this miracle of giving in action. It reminded me of Santa’s workshop, everyone hustling and bustling, and full of holiday cheer.  Smiles and joy and thanks for the opportunity to help others and for the reminder of what the season is all about.  Twas so good!
THANK YOU ALL for so very generously allowing (through donations of your time, money, gifts and gift cards) us to fulfill the holiday needs and wishes for EVERY member of 12 local, in-need families that are battling cancer this holiday season.  AND, we were able to provide a generous amount of gift cards to 15 to 20 (GJG Board Members Meredith McGough and Dana Brincefield have the exact deets) other individuals.  Wow!  All this is in addition, the icing on the sugar cookie if you will, to the ongoing financial support GoJenGo already provides.
And a BIG THANKS to those of you SUPPORTING OUR FAMILY with play dates, errands and meals!!!  It is a HUGE HELP!!  I now am semi-living in my Relax the Back Chair which has had a rather profound impact on my back pain (thank God!), but I am still constantly battling tumor pain and the pain from the rather profound amount of edema that has cropped up in the last 6 weeks or so (and apparently has plans to stay on for the duration).
Better scoot, this elf has some last minute work to do.  Can’t wait to see the boys faces tomorrow morning!  Christmas is gonna be great!
Happy Holiday!  Jen
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