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Some people support a cause because they can personally relate to it.  Supporters of the RunJenRun 5K are no exception. Two, in particular, had a close connection to Jen because they too have fought breast cancer and understand the emotional and financial toll that treatment brings.  Below is their “testimony”, in their own words.

From Mike Smiley of Smiley 4 C’s:

“Smiley’s 4 C’s is a charitable endeavor set up by Mike and Shari Lynn Smiley in 2007.  The 4 C’s represent the areas in which we invest our non-profit efforts: Critical Illness (primarily cancer research and services), Children, Conservation, and Christian Outreach.  The mission of the Go Jen Go Foundation is very personal to us, not only because of our friendship with Jennifer and Joe Pagani, but also because of Shari Lynn’s own breast cancer journey.  Like Jen and Joe, our family had plenty of resources – good insurance, strong connections in the medical community, and a solid family support system.  Go Jen Go is reaching those breast cancer patients with the greatest needs – those that may otherwise fall through the cracks.  Their mission resonates with Smiley’s 4 C’s mission and it’s an honor to support them. (Matthew 25: 40-45).”

And from Kelly Sherin of Legacy Landscaping, Inc.:

“Being a breast cancer survivor, I saw first-hand the physical and emotional toll the treatment took on me, my husband, and my family. I was fortunate to be accepted to the TDM-1 study and my insurance covered most of the treatment cost that the study didn’t. Also, we had the means to cover our deductible and other out of pocket expenses. I can’t imagine going through treatment wondering how we were going to pay for the treatment let alone the everyday ‘life’ cost. I had the privilege of sitting beside Jen at chemo on two different occasions. Later, a couple of the infusion nurses told me they were training for the inaugural RunJenRun 5K. Being a triathlete, it immediately piqued my interest. When I looked at the website, I realized who Jen was and remembered how nice and encouraging she was to me when I sat beside her. Also, I felt a special connection with her because we were both triathletes before our diagnosis. So not only did I want to run it, but I felt like our company should help sponsor it. My husband Steve Sherin and my brother Shaun Crooks own Legacy Landscaping, Inc.and they didn’t hesitate when I asked if we could be a part of it! This is our second year of supporting RunJenRun and it certainly won’t be our last!”

Smiley’s 4 C’s is our starting line sponsor and Legacy Landscaping, Inc. will be transforming part of Symphony Park into “Jen’s Garden”, the beautiful area where Jen will be honored and remembered.  Thank you both so much for your support of Jen and her race!

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